Adopted Charity

As an organisation which prides itself for giving our best to our valued clients, The Kuching Nail Spa is similarly committed to giving our best back to the community. With the support of our valued clients, we are pleased to pledge 5% of our net profit to the Animal Lovers League.

Through this heartfelt effort, The Kuching Nail Spa aims to help the numerous stray and abandoned animals that have been rescued by the animal shelter.

The Animal Lovers League

Pets Villa is run by the Animal Lovers League, a non-profit organisation giving lodging, food, care and all our love to the beloved dogs and cats forsaken by many.

On February 15, 2004, Pets Villa opened its doors to the rescued strays that are now no longer strays but pets of the persons placing them at Pets Villa.

A network of dedicated volunteers is needed in the everyday cleaning and upkeep of the place, bathing and de-ticking of the dogs amongst a host of other chores.

To help defray the cost of feeding so many animals, we welcome regular contribution of food and other accessories needed to give the doggies and kitties the comfort and happiness they deserve.

We undertake to make a difference for the animals by constructing this “open concept” animal home where they will not be “incarcerated” in kennels or in cages for the rest of their natural lives, thus simulating closely their natural habitat.

Being born free, let them live freely and to run, play and roam freely and frolic in the sun without any threats. We believe this is what you would also want for the animals.

Finally, today with all your support and blessings, though with numerous hurdles and impediments, we are able to realize all our dreams together. Give them the happiness they deserve and this, only animal lovers like you can truly appreciate.

Do visit The Kuching Nail Spa and help the animals in need at the same time.